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Prof. Pietro del Rosso, is the author of the "Dictionary of Maritime Terms English-Italian -English-4th edition" published by Witherby Seamanship International and the l "Maritime English" Manual.
He is a member of IMEC (International Maritime English Conference), and currently, he is in charge of "Maritime English" in the "Corsi Allineamento" of the IISS "Amerigo Vespucci" in Molfetta (Italy) for the qualification of Deck and Engineer Officer Cadet (DM 30/11/2007).

Thanks to his project, Maritime English & Standard Marine Communication Phrases (S.M.C.P.), "I.I.S.S. Amerigo Vespucci", Molfetta (Italy) has won in 2011 the European Language Label (CLICK HERE AND SEE THE MOVIE OF THE AWARD).
He is also the author of several internationally-recognized publications and articles on Maritime English, some of which can be freely downloaded by clicking on:

- Port State Control;

- Ship and Port Facility Code ISPS;

- International Safety Managment (ISM) Code.

He also deals with Technical Translations and, specifically with the ones relevant to Operation and Maintenance Manuals. Among these, it is worth mentioning that prof. Pietro del Rosso has translated all TRANSAS Simulator Manuals, the undisputed leader in professional simulation systems for the maritime industry. Click here for the relevant appreciation letter signed by Master Mariner Francesco Benevento, who is in charge of TRANSAS MEDITERRANEAN SAS in Genoa.


It is also worth mentioning that since 1997 he has also been dealing with Special Educational Needs for Secondary School.