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Maritime English

Investigations into the disasters at sea involving the human element, revealed that one third of accidents happen as a result of communication problems, primarily due a to a poor command of the so called “Maritime English”.
Port State Control surveyors often encounter problems in getting basic information from ships’ officers due to the sub-standard Maritime English of  the latter.
The most crucial point regarding verbal communication is that more than 86% of all the vessels are crewed with multi-lingual personnel who frequently have not the required Maritime English skills, risking and even causing damages to lives, property and the environment.
Following several disasters due to communication problems, in 2001 the International Maritime Organization (I.M.O.), adopted the Standard Marine Communication Phrases (S.M.C.P.) which through the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch Keeping for Seafarers (S.T.C.W. 95) has become a mandatory training requirements for officers.
The phrases provide a sort of “survival kit” as they include all safety-related issues where spoken English is required, both in radio and face-to-face communications on board.
The Standard Marine Communication Phrases (S.M.C.P.) is a simplified, standardized version of Maritime English: its grammar, structure and terminology are quite easy to learn provided it is taught in real-life situational contexts.

Finally, it should be stressed that Standards of Training, Certification and Watch Keeping (S.T.C.W.) regulations require the knowledge of Maritime English and S.M.C.P. by crews of Merchant vessels and V.T.S. personnel  ashore and, consequently, an adequate knowledge by Maritime personnel of Maritime English and S.M.C.P. can make the difference for their employment and re-employment.

Maritime English & Standard Marine Communication Phrases (S.M.C.P.) Courses

Main characteristics oh the "Maritime English & S.M.C.P." courses:

  • Wide use of an innovating "Content-Based and Communicative Teaching" C.B.T.(Computer-Based Training) multimedial system adopted by several Maritime Training Centers in Northen Europe designed as to privilege the contents and the communicating approach of the language.
  • Compliance with the Standard Marine Communication Phrases (S.M.C.P.) and STCW 1978 as amended Manila 2010 - Reg.1/14 p.7 according to Chap. V-Reg.14 par.3/4 of SOLAS Convention and with IMO Model Course 3.17
  • Course customization in accordance with trainees' entry test
  • Each trainee will receive the "Maritime English & S.M.C.P. package" which includes:
    - "Maritime English Manual",
    - Dictionary of Maritime Terms English-Italian-English 4th edition"
    -A set of innovating CBT's multimedia products.